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Errors and fixes

Error: "You need a BIOS rom to execute this Saturn Emulator"
Fix: This deals with the use of the Sega Saturn BIOS. Just put your Saturn Bios in your Giri Giri Project folder, launch Giri Giri, and click on "..." across from "Bios" to select your Sega Saturn Bios.

Error: The game Iím trying to play says it isn't designed to be played on this system, or just goes to the Bios and won't load the game.
Fix: This is caused to the Saturn's Region protection. Just load Giri Giri Project again, go to Options->general Options-> and select the SMPC Tab. Then select the appropriate Area code for your game. Restart Giri Giri Project, and the game should run.

Error: Some systems may also require that WNASPI32.dll be present in the Giri Giri Project folder. 
I have Ahead's Nero installed with its most recent update. All I did to fix this problem was copy my WNASPI32.dll file from my /ahead/nero/folder to my Giri Giri Project folder and the problem was fixed. If you haven't purchased the full version of Nero, there is a demo version available which should work as well from www.nero.com

On my system, these are the only problems Iíve ever had happen to me. Please refer to General Help for other possible solutions to your problems.

How do I play a game?

First, check to make sure you have all of the recommended updates in General Help.
Second, Put your Sega Saturn game into your CD-ROM drive.
Third, Launch Giri Giri Project.
Fourth, Select your BIOS location and game-region settings.
Fifth, click "Power On".

What keys on my keyboard correspond to the buttons on my Saturn controller?

Up ... Up key.
Down ... Down key.
Left ... Left key.
Right ... Right Key.
A Button ... Z key.
B Button ... X key.
C Button ... C key.
X Button ... A key.
Y Button ... S key.
Z Button ... D key.
R Button ... E key.
L Button ... Q key.
Start Btn... Enter key.

How do I speed up Giri Giri Project?

Currently, Saturn emulation is very complex. The Saturn hardware is extremely complicated and synching all of its components is not an easy thing to do. The only suggestion I have is to buy faster/better hardware - but don't expect a dramatic improvement. One other thing worth noting is rebooting your computer and closing all background programs (such as anti-virus's) which eat up system recourses.

Where did "SMem.dat" and "bakup.ram" come from?

These files are generated by Giri Giri Project. 
bakup.ram is used to store save game files.
Smem.dat I presume is where the Sega Saturn settings, such as clock, date, and language settings are saved.

Giri Giri Project freezes after attempt to exit it.

I have this problem as well, and the only solution I have is to hit Control+Alt+Delete at the same time and close the program through Window's Task Manager.


Giri Giri Project uses the windows registry. To delete its keys, go to "Start" - "Run" and type "Regedit"

Its keys are located in:


Right click on the entry, Delete, and close the Windows Registry Editor.

Also, delete your Giri Giri Project folder and you're done.