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Low down:

author Shinya Miyamoto aka MegaDeath
e-mail address s-miya@ops.dti.ne.jp
homepage http://girigiri.netjunkiez.org
official message board n/a


Miscellaneous Facts:

started in
coded in
cd-rom support Supposedly, but doesn't work on my system :(
open source No
first playable game/date Daytona USA @ April 30th 2001


MegaDeath's Giri Giri Project has been in development for quite a long time now. Although I haven't managed to get the CD-Rom support properly working in Windows XP Professional, it is reported to work on Win9X systems. Giri Giri Project has been in regular development recently, although we have yet to see a binary release since March 16, 2001. MegaDeath is still working on his project, and occasionally post updates on Giri Giri's homepage. Once he properly gets CD-Rom support working in WinXP, there will be lots of testing to be done by me. One interesting thing about Giri Giri, the author has decided to make official releases in different phases, each accomplishing different goals with each. More info about these phases can be found on Giri Giri's homepage, under "About GGP". Another interesting thing, all Giri Giri releases start with "GGD_version.zip". This means that is a "Giri Giri Debugger/Development" version. When the author feels he has reached a certain goal, he will start naming the versions "GGS_version.zip", for "Giri Giri Saturn". Just something neat :]