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Thursday 5th June, 2003

:: Satourne 1.0.1P released
posted at 12:30 GMT by flow``

At the Satourne homepage there is a nice suprise - Satourne 1.0.1P. This release is mainly for a few quick bugfixes and advances. Check out the changelog and get the file there. Leave any feedback here and any screenshots you want to post here.

Monday 2nd June, 2003

:: CKemu's Satourne STV compat. chart
posted at 16:25 GMT by flow``

Over at the board, CKemu posted an interesting compat list with the latest version of Satourne using STV roms. You can check out the screenshots at compat list here. Check it out! The latest updates are at the bottom of the page.

:: New SSF 0.06 Alpha 4 release!
posted at 16:18 GMT by flow``

After the recent updates we've been getting from the SSF Homepage, Shima has decided it's time for a new release! :)

You can grab the latest binary from our local mirror here or at SSF's homepage here. I haven't yet had the time to test it yet, but for those who have, please leave some feedback here and if you'd like to submit screenshots, you can do that here. Thanks to Mark on the forums for the heads up.

Sunday 1st June, 2003

:: SX's Saturn Dev site updated
posted at 19:32 GMT by flow``

SegaXtreme's Saturn Dev site (located here) has been updated with 16 new documents. Check it out if you're looking for a good read :)

Wednesday 28th May, 2003

:: SCU no DSP plugin v1.0.1 out
posted at 15:52 GMT by flow``

Nab the updates Satourne plugin here :)

Sunday 25th May, 2003

:: Satourne 1.0P release!
posted at 18:51 GMT by flow``

From the website..

First of all you need msvcp70.dll. Please download it and place it on your Satourne directory.
Second, you must choose and eventually configure the plugins for each component.
You must also set the bios paths (satunr bios and stv bios) in the options (menu options-> other options).

Enjoy :
›› Satourne v1.0p
›› CD block/ISO plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel,
›› SCSP plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel,
›› SCU no DSP plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel,
›› SH2 dynarec plugin v1.0 Fabien Autrel,
›› SH2 interpreter debugger plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel,
›› SH2 interpreter plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel,
›› SMPC plugin v1.0 beta by Fabien Autrel and
›› VDP opengl plugin v1.0 by Fabien Autrel

Grab the files and release from here, and feel free to leave feedback here.

Saturday 24th May, 2003

:: New site and Satourne news
posted at 23:43 GMT by flow``

First of all, i'd like to give a big welcome to MiC. We are now hosting his site and project -> Giri Giri Loader. It's a really nice frontend for Giri Giri Saturn. I suggest you guys check this out! :)

Also updated recently, the Satourne website has a lot of new screenshots from the upcoming version for us to drool on. Go check them out!

Wednesday 21st May, 2003

:: Satourne and Satournin updates
posted at 15:48 GMT by flow``

Sorry but i've been quite busy lately, so you'll have to excuse the somewhat-late news.

First off, the Satournin website was updated saying:
16-05-03 à 13:38
No colors,
no textures,
still a lot to do,
but that's quite interesting, isn't it ?
[refer to screenshot of wireframe Saturn bios]

Then today..
The cd player is getting close to the way it should be displayed.
But I will slow down the pace during next weeks, because I'm following a computer science course after work, and the exam period is approaching. I have a java project to finish before the end of june, and I barely started it. (fortunately I'm not alone on this one)

I will finish by sending congratulations to Fabien for his last Satourne version, he shows me the path to follow :)
[refer to screenshot of textured BIOS-CD screen]

Also updated today, Fabien of Satourne has brought news of a new graphics-interface GUI. It looks really nifty! Check out the screenshots at the Satourne homepage.

Wednesday 14th May, 2003

:: Satourne update
posted at 15:48 GMT by flow``

Over at the Satourne site Fabien writes:

Hello saturn fans.
I'm back from holidays. I've been able to work a little on the VDP2 part. Now the bitmap modes are working correctly but two major parts are waiting: the cell mode (used by all the games) and the rotation matrix used by planes RBG0 and RBG1. I really wonder how Megadeth implemented those planes in girigiri... Some improvements have been made on the VDP1 part concerning palette modes. You have perheaps noticed on the last nights screenshots that textures weren't correct. Now it looks like the original except for those strange gouraud shading problems..

A little note for plugin developpers: I've lost my e-mail list, please resent me your e-mails so I can send you a binary to begin your tests.

Monday 12th May, 2003

:: Saturn Emulation Screenshots
posted at 16:42 GMT by flow``

I thought it would be a fun idea for the users of the board to be able to show off screenshots of their favorite games running under different emulators so i setup a thread here. Feel free to post away!

:: Updated Giri Giri Saturn Games.dat
posted at 07:38 GMT by flow``

An updated of the DAT can be found at our local mirror here. The DAT has entries for many more games and no other notes are available now. Have fun!

Tuesday 29th April, 2003

:: Satournin Progress
posted at 15:49 GMT by flow``

The Satournin website was updated today, saying:
First STV display
I got my first STV display yesterday, which isn't really pretty, but it's a good start !
If anybody knows what this smurfy screen is intended to represent, please tell me ...
(refer to screenshot on the homepage)

Nifty, let's hope he keeps up this pace and we'll see a top-notch emulator in no time :)

The author was able to correct the intro screen, so check out the side today for the results.

**Update #2**
Another update! =o (actually 2-in-1)
Hi !
I managed to get the test and service switches working, and I was able to fool around. Some options are hanging the emulator as some parts are not yet emulated, but the others work fine.
I added some parts of DMA support (as it's used in the saturn bios), and the VDP1 tables are set. So Saturnin will start displaying some 3D graphics soon :)

More screenshots here.

Then today..
And another screenshot today :)
The emulator crashes when it changes to the cd player, but if everything was working at the first time, where would be the fun ?

Check out the BIOS entrance screenshot at the homepage.

Sunday 27th April, 2003

:: Tons of updates
posted at 17:56 GMT by flow``

Wow, haven't been here in a while :(

Here's a list of what we seem to have missed:

1) Satournin is a new emulator out. It's not the best right now, but development seems to be happening quite fast as the author is getting a helping hand from Fabien Autrel, the author of Satourne.

2) Speaking of Satourne.. anyone seen this? Wow. Hopefully we'll get our grubby hands on a release sometime soon to give it try. I must quit drooling over those screenshots.. :D

3) Oh yeah, In case you haven't noticed, SSF IS BACK!. No release yet, but very promising!

4) In other news,
SegaXtreme has put together a great Sega Saturn development site with tons of documents and info for the curious. Check it out here.

5) For those wondering what happened to Giri Giri, it seems as though Sega of Japan has bought it and licensed it, which can now be purchased here. For those who might have it,(Sorry, no info will be given out here on how to obtain it) a website I cannot link to due to illegal content, released an updated Games.dat dated 25/4/2003 which adds 35 new games to the database. You can grab it from our local mirror here. Also, a great compatibility list has been put together which can be found here.

I hope I didn't miss anything, if not put a quick post on our message boards and i'll be sure to add it.

Later, flow``

Thursday 3rd April, 2003

:: Saturnin WIP
posted at 12:23 GMT by 2fast4u

Lillymon on Emutalk sends the word that Saturnin is now available for download in the first version. This rather new emulator now partialy runs the BIOS and allows some messing around with it. Please visit the site for downloadable files :)

Tuesday 1st April, 2003

:: Status Update on Satourne
posted at 10:27 GMT by 2fast4u

A lil status update from Fabien on Satourne:

Hi everybody;
You were perheaps expecting a new release but unfortunately I haven't been able to find enough time to make big progresses on the emulator. My thesis is taking me a lot of time and there is not point in releasing an emulator that do not play saturn CDs for the moment... The CD booting mecanism is interrupted by a bug that I still don't find...
You (and me) have to wait a little more before the next release.

Thursday 6th March, 2003

:: Satourne strikes back!
posted at 02:24 GMT by 2fast4u

Satourne is back! Fabien left a rather long WIP report on the site:

Hello everybody,
a short new to tell you that satourne is alive. I've rewritten satourne from scratch to give it a new architecture based on plugins. Each console component is now encapsulated in a plugin. Plugins can be written for the following components: SH2, SMPC, SCU, SCSP, CD block, VDP (encapsulate VDP1 and VDP2). The plugin specifications are quite stable and I'll be happy to send them to motivated people (and very happy to receive feedback). Expect a new version by the end of March, I'll do my best to reach this objective.
So I you're interested in developping plugins for satourne, don't hesitate to contact me!

Yes that's right, plugins! Let's hope this will benefit the development of Satourne and also motivate other authors to adapt the plugin specs to their emulators.

Thanks to leocabron on Emutalk for the wakeup call ;)

Sunday 19th January, 2003

:: GiriGiri = Dead
posted at 13:50 GMT by vampireuk

Yup. GiriGiri has now gone the way of the Dodo. The GiriGiri project site now has a redirect to Cyberdisk Sega.

A very rough "translation" of the site is available from worldlingo

Please pay your respects here.

Wednesday 8th January, 2003

:: Howdy
posted at 05:15 GMT by vampireuk

Good morning guys, as you can see we have a new poster now. I asked 2fast4u about taking over for him now that he has left and here I am. So to get things started how about we all take part in a nice little song? No, ok thats enough caffine for me. I hope I can still continue this project to the high level that Flow and 2fast4u have managed in the past. See you around.


Thursday 19th December, 2002

:: this is it, folks
posted at 15:54 GMT by 2fast4u

well folks, the day has come .. i think this step had to happen sooner or later by looking back at the last few months. as you may have noticed i didnt have much time to dedicate to he site in the past and rumor is this will continue, for me it has been a splits between real life obligations and net obligations which doesnt work anymore, so one thing has to go. my work for this site is done, and as of today i will not post here anymore nor do any work at all for the site. i have yet remained to find anyone i trust and who is willing to take my place, so i am quite uncertain if this place will survive until dawn of 2002 :( this is sad for me as i love this site but there is no other way. i want to pay my respects and thanks to flow for the good work we did together on this and i am sorry i cant continue it.


Tuesday 10th December, 2002

:: On the current State of Satourne
posted at 14:50 GMT by 2fast4u

Fabien, creator of the superb Saturn emulator Satourne has left a note on the website for a few little comments on the current state of his project. Please read further:

Hello you who from time to time come to see progress of my emulator. I am sorry to have only screen captures to show to you for the moment but it is necessary to keep in mind that they result from a version of development of satourne with an embryo [very early stage] of integrated SCSP. In the current state of the things I cannot put to download a new version of the emulator. In addition I currently have very little spare time and unfortunately the development of the emulator suffers from it. I do not know when I will be able to offer a new version to you, but will know that currently the architecture of satourne makes the evolutions painful and tiresome, with the detriment of the performances. Thus as last year I will have to change certain things in-depth, which will take time but what also will increase the compatiblity and speed, two things which become very significant when an emulator becomes able to run the commercial games. I address to you with all large a thank you for all your encouragements and your comments on the last captures, continue me to support, it is one of the engines which advances me! So long;)

Friday 29th November, 2002

:: New Adaptec ASPI Drivers
posted at 07:28 GMT by flow``

Sorry for the lack of updates guys, but my personal life has been a roller coaster the past few weeks and I just haven't been in the mood much to do much on the computer unless i have to.

Anyway, here is a link to the new ASPI drivers. Enjoy


Thursday 28th November, 2002

:: It's .. alive!
posted at 18:18 GMT by 2fast4u

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates, folks. I personally have been very busy with stuff (gonna be gone all weekend .. again) and evidently flow`` has been as well (I haven't even got the chance to talk to him in a few weeks). So it has been kinda hard to find time and pull an update on the site, even tho it badly needed some :( However the development of the scene has moved on and so will we.

Good, got that out of the way .. now for the fun part:

Here we go again with some really sweet screenshots that Ben-J posted on the Satourne homepage :) Head over there to see them right now!

Additionally he has left some notes on the development (googled, not babelfished):

If not, about a possible news version, Fabien Autrel has much job and there remains a good number of elements to carry out so that the emulator is usable easily. But will know, that processor 68000 of Motorola, which uses a bus of 16 bits and addresses on 24 bits, was quickly integrated this last weekend... perhaps too quickly, since the emulation is not badly slowed down by it.

Saturday 9th November, 2002

:: Satourne news
posted at 00:26 GMT by flow``

Some information on the development in hand...

07/11/02: Here a capture of screen to show you the first results of new core VDP2. They are the very first versions of the functions of the new core. For all to say to you, Fabien thinks of still gaining speed in the next days.
The SH2 are with 10Mhz on this capture, the play does not suffer from any bug at this frequency :

06/11/02: I took again the development of satourne (...). the new routines of drawings of the bitmap mode of the VDP2 are finished, that goes much more quickly than before... The with dimensions one of the cell mode I arrived there and the new routines turn, however certain views still talk cock (always these problems of pallet, if sega made docs without errors that would really not be badly...). If I have time I tackle rotations scroll screen, history to have the ground and the ceiling in Dynamite Deka and of the plans missing in Radiant Sylvergun.
They is much better than front but there remains to me a crowd of optimizations to be made before saying that it is really good!

You can visit Satourne's homepage here.

Sunday 27th October, 2002

:: A-Saturn to be alive
posted at 22:57 GMT by 2fast4u

Well it seems A-Saturn is alive and still in development. Azuco has posted some progress report on his emulator that has been in development quite a long time now.

You can see it here.

Sunday 20th October, 2002

:: ZSSE Updated
posted at 19:31 GMT by flow``

Sorry for the late post, but a late post is better then no post! :)

What's New in ZSSE 0.3 (released 14.October.02):

ADDED: Option "Display only avaiable", under "Options" => "Rom List" menu. This option allow to select if ZSSE shows under the rom list only the effectivly present roms in emulator's "roms" folder (the check is done only on zip/folder name, not on the crc or anything else).

ADDED: Option to set the region for Sega Saturn system.

ADDED: Option to use the Ram Expansion Cartridge. The options are "No Ram Cart", 1Mbyte, 8Mbyte.

CHANGED: Changed a little bit the interface, whit the removal of the unuseful "SSE Path selection" (it isn't needed because SSE have to be run from the same SSE folder ^_^ ).

CHANGED: Another change on SSE and ZSSE path's corrispondence check (now it's better, but doesn't fix anything, because there were nothing to fix about this).

UPDATED: English, French and Italian translation.

ADDED: Spanish translation, thanks to Leo!

ADDED: Now ZSSE finally has a (wonderful) logo, made by NiX. Thanks man!

Grab the file here.

Friday 11th October, 2002

:: International Friday
posted at 19:03 GMT by 2fast4u

.. on Satourne (of course). First of all here are the English (by me), German (by me) and Italian (by NiX) releases of the latest version:

Download English
Download German
Download Italian

Second, I'm glad I got this done finally since my ISP has been fucking me over all evening.

Thursday 10th October, 2002

:: Satourne news
posted at 21:49 GMT by flow``

Over at the Satourne website, Fabien gave the following update:

First of all hello everyone! In this moment my requirements professionels do not leave me much time to work on satourne and to update the site. I wanted however to bring some precise details on the last version which was put to download:
- first of all the graphic routines of this version are the same ones as beta 2. They are thus SLOW and with the source of the principal decelerations which prevent from exploiting the speed of the dynarec...
- to make turn panzer dragoon has 50-60 FPS here how to proceed: begin a part (to prevent the screen from flickering it is enough to notch "to force posting" in the options of the VDP2), then once arrived at the beginning of the play made the following things: decontaminate the plans of the VDP2 (options of the VDP2, notch the 6 boxes in the desactivation part), activate the mask of textures of the VDP1 (options of the VDP1, "always active" coachman in the section hiding place textures), finally it is enough for you to play with the frequency of the SH2 to still accelerate the whole. On my XP 1700+ I approximately 60 FPS obtain by respecting these instructions and by regulating the SH2 to 15 MHz.
- to make turn Daytona the USA (attention, not the CEC, it does not go:P yet) has a speed résonable, the same councils apply, although the desactivation of the plans of the VDP2 brings less than in panzer dragoon.
You will thus understand that this version was not intended for the beginning to be distributed because the dynarec is not exploited correctly. I thus advise you to play with the options which I quoted higher to obtain more speed. If you respect these councils I can ensure you that you will obtain a close speed to see supèrieure with the original on a PC are equivalent to the mien. Soon a new version with largely improved graphic routines!


PS: do not forget to reload textures of the VDP1 by pressing on the key "m" at the time of the passage in full screen and of the return in fenétré mode when the cahce of the VDP1 is active!

Wednesday 9th October, 2002

:: A few updates
posted at 21:54 GMT by flow``

First off, Zydio updated his SSE frontend, which can be found here.

Next, there has been a new Satourne release! :)

Satourne debugger Dynarec v01102002 WiP Released! This version is old, but I think you will appreciate it.
But take good note of this : this released is not as good as Satourne Beta 2 v06082002 WiP (technically). So why to distribute it? Juste because now, you could play commercial games with dynarec. I recommend Daytona or Panzer Dragoon for testing.

Grab the update here, and scroll down some for my fix for getting Satourne to have proper cd-rom support.

Monday 7th October, 2002

:: SSE Frontend
posted at 18:33 GMT by 2fast4u

Here ya go, the first frontend for the DOS release of SSE appeared quicker than expected ;) .. give it a try.

Download it here. Cheers to Zydio for the quick work.
The official website can be found here.

:: Finally figured out how to get Satourne to work!
posted at 01:33 GMT by flow``

Ok, let me start off by saying you're not the only one with Satourne problems.. I've been testing and testing different ASPI drivers, following the readme, and all other sorts of things. So I had it working earlier, and decided to format and see if I could get it to work again.

So here's my system:
AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Plextor 24x10x40A (v1.04 firmware)
768 Ram
nVidia Geforce 2 Ultra 64 meg
Windows XP Professional w/ SP1 (slipstreamed)

So I did a nice fresh install of drivers and software. I install Nero 5.5 and the latest patch. Of course the demo version will work as well here I assume (

Ok, to go your /Ahead/Nero/ folder and copy Nero's WNASPI32.dll to your /System32 folder. Then download Satourne, replace the dummy bios with a real one, and let's get down to getting this work :)

Ok, so everything is in place. Now here's what I discovered:

1) Right click on Debugger.exe and go to Properties
2) Go to the Compability, and allow this program to run in Windows 95 mode.
3)Pop in your CD, launch Debugger.exe, and let the fun begin.

This method worked on both the satourne-debugger-dynarec-v26092002 and satourne-v06082002 releases. Please leave any feedback at our forum ;-)!

Tuesday 1st October, 2002

:: I see a Light in the Sky ..
posted at 18:00 GMT by 2fast4u

I received a mail from NiX today, where he pointed me to the release of a new Saturn emulator by Stefano Teso (Sthief)! :D Yes you have read right! The name of the project is SSE and runs under DOS at the moment. Be sure to check the official website at as well! :) Great so see more projects appearing right now.

Check it out for yourself here. Keep it mind this is a beta version and supposedly runs very slow!

Check out some of those sweet screenshots below as well:

More updates and screenshots on this coming up later!

Monday 30th September, 2002

:: Satourne update
posted at 22:34 GMT by flow``

Over at the Satourne homepage Fabien made a post containing the following:

As you've seen on Consollection, some games are playable with the SH2 dynarec core that I wrote these last weeks. However, there are still bugs that makes it less compatible than the interpreter core. These bugs are currently being squashed and I want to rewrite all the graphic engine before to make a new version available. After this version, the SCSP will be on the agenda, well....

I'll include some docs with this new version that explains the different parts of the interfac so that everyone can configure the emu to get the maximum speed possible.

See you very soon.

Sunday 29th September, 2002

:: Holy jumpin' ... !!
posted at 13:16 GMT by 2fast4u

Another DAMN exciting update on Satourne WIP, folks! Ben-J left a note on his site Consollection which made me jump out of my socks today:

Fabien Autrel sent me 2 brand new screenshots of Satourne work in progress : It show us Daytona USA running at 40-50 fps! Yes! you read right! and Fabien thinks to rewrite all on the graphic routine to have more fps! In addition to Daytona the USA, Fabien succeeded in playing Panzer Dragoon 1600*1200 with bilinear filtering, with more than 60fps. At this rate, a limiting device of FPS will be installed!

Check the shots (with fps rate) below :)

Also notice the neat GFX quality on these shots. Cheers to Ben-J for informing me about this WIP update :)

Thursday 26th September, 2002

:: New Satourne WIP (Dynarec)
posted at 23:19 GMT by 2fast4u

Some exciting news for you people out there waiting :) Ben-J has left a note on the homepage of Satourne announcing:

Fabien Autrel has been working for several days on the dynarec of Satourne. Fabien decided to make you a gift by offer you Satourne debugger Dynarec v26092002 WiP.
This version was only compiled to show you the progress.

Note that this release does not run games! Only the BIOS is supported.

BTW, if this doesn't run for you, check the DIVX movie that Fabien made as well here.

Update on Speed: This release runs the BIOS averaging about 40 fps on my Athlon XP 1800+ / GeForce2MX / 256 MB
.. nuff said :) Meassured speed with Fraps

Download the WIP release here

Friday 20th September, 2002

:: Satourne news
posted at 22:31 GMT by flow``

Over at Consollection, Ben-J posted some news he got from Fabien. Here's what Fabien told him:

"(...)I have quite advanced on the dynarec. (...), I am almost about to post the first images calculated with the dynarec... I can say to you that the FPS varies between 125 and 40 on my machine, knowing that the lowest value which I obtained (40) is due to the fact that for the moment at the end of a few seconds moved turns in loop and that this loop is rather small (2 instructions SH2). For a dynarec a inner loop means loss speed. Thus I am really very optimistic for the continuation! I think that this weekend will enable me to have the first graphic results. They should be awaited to be an idea final speed. In all manners if the dynarec turns well, I will rewrite all that can be still optimized, to see passing part of the code out of assembler (...)"

Friday 13th September, 2002

:: Reporting again ...
posted at 15:46 GMT by 2fast4u

Again, a piece of WIP report by Fabien on Satourne :)

A little update to tell you that yesterday the first code block executed at the beginning of the bios by the saturn has been correctly recompiled and executed by my athlon. 138 opcodes still have to be translated but this first try allow me to think that at first glance the code block generation mechanisms are correct.

Monday 9th September, 2002

:: Lil news on Satourne
posted at 19:10 GMT by 2fast4u

Hacktarux pointed to a little news update on Satourne, a promising emulator by Fabien. Here is what he had to say:

I'm back from hollidays and ready to restart working on satourne. I could read on some website that satourne can run some games I didn't try (I'm quite happy with this!), but that emulation speed is too slow...I know this and wish I could code better...So now I'm focusing on writing a SH2 dynarec to get a good emulation speed. The dynarec squeletton is already written, but I don't know when I get the first results.. So stay tuned!

Tuesday 3rd September, 2002

:: More Giri Giri News!
posted at 22:02 GMT by flow``

MegaDeath seems to be quite active lately, and posted a beautiful shot of Nights into Dreams.. running in Giri Giri.

He also attatched the following update: Famous it puts out the Nights even in Saturn, is funny enormously.
It reaching the point where the Nights moves securely, as for the サターンエミュ you think it is it means to reach to level.

Special priority, due to special color operation and the sequence BACKGROUND MUSIC and the rotary scroll surface
Saturn function such as color modification of the sprite with the change of the color bank in full using
You think whether it is not to be able to declare it is. Just, emulator it makes cry...
Once, it is moving even with the GirGiri which is in the midst of developing, but when you use such special function, indication of the picture
It becomes strange. It becomes slow before the that. The CDDA it meaning that the scene which same period is done is a large quantity, always the 60fps
You must keep.

Once upon a time, this game with the normal PC the natural way way the day when it moves comes...
... Already September?

Check it out! Visit the Giri Giri homepage here.

Updated by 2fast4u on 09/04/02:

Here goes the shot .. :)

Sunday 1st September, 2002

:: Giri Giri news from MegaDeath
posted at 18:46 GMT by flow``

Over at the Giri Giri homepage MegaDeath posted an update dated yesterday (Aug 31st) and commented on quite a few things.

The first being an article on gamespot that can be found here.

I was unable to get a clear translation of the second thing he noted on, but Babelfish gave me this: Recently only work of Web application, the JSP or the ぁ... the ま and others it is! The ぶ of the man who is hungry to the ↑ high-level GUI and rial-time processing and to come.

Thirdly, he says: The writer of the Gens releases the source of emulator of the SH2.

Don't you think? this it is good, the ぇ it collects truly cleanly. Perhaps, when it did, perhaps it is faster than the person who we was made. (^^;
Because as for the ま ぁ cSh2 the dirty part there is a large quantity, how it does that, the problem shelf.
It is nevertheless good work. It is splendid.

The last thing, and most important is a picture of Giri Giri . He added this comment:The め it is, the game directly temporary it keeps was.
When it settles, it goes to the return.

Anyhoo, check out the pic (called paro.jpg) over at the Giri Giri homepage :)

Wednesday 14th August, 2002

:: Satourne on Linux .. well, anyway
posted at 15:18 GMT by 2fast4u

Ben-J pointed me to some neat news on Consollection today:

Yesterday Waiha and Blessed_Devil sent me 2 screenshots of Satourne running in the Linux environment! According to them they were succesful running Sega Saturn/Sega Titan Video emulation on Wine. For aynone who doesn't know already, Wine is an application which allows to run applications that were originally written for Windows 3.x/9x/NT or MS-DOS under X-Windows.

Here are the two screenshots:

By the way, I finally linked the Korean translation of Satourne Beta2 /me blushes

Saturday 10th August, 2002

:: Satourne Portugese
posted at 12:36 GMT by 2fast4u

Waiha and Blessed_devil released a portugese translation of the latest Satourne build. Grab it from the translations page :)

Wednesday 7th August, 2002

:: Satourne Korean translation
posted at 19:44 GMT by flow``

NONeSUCH from emailed me a Korean translation of the latest Satourne build, grab it from the tranlations section.

Thanks again NONeSUCH.

:: Translations Update
posted at 08:39 GMT by 2fast4u

I added my German translation of Satourne v06082002 and an updated English translation.

Tuesday 6th August, 2002

:: Satourne Public Beta
posted at 15:14 GMT by 2fast4u

Fabien has decided to release a public beta of Satourne! Get it from our own download section or from the official website. 'Nuff said.

Download: here
Official screenshots: here

UPDATE: NiX has reacted quickly and released an italian translation of the beta. So have I and made an English release. German version coming soon :)

Download: English | Italian

Wednesday 24th July, 2002

:: Satourne Beta Status
posted at 00:07 GMT by 2fast4u

Ben-J has updated the Satourne Website once again with some stats on the beta version that we received as well:

o Slight speed increase in the lastest build.
o Lots of games run, running from either CDrom (original & backups) or ISO.
o Satourne crashes on random computers, still unknown why.
o Pad is working perfectly.
o Transparencies effects are very well emulated.
o No sound yet, and not for a while.
o Next release will be in August.

(Credits to NGEmu for the translation)

Tuesday 16th July, 2002

:: Satourne Beta Soon
posted at 10:02 GMT by 2fast4u

Look what I found on Satourne's Website folks :) ... Ben-J left a note that the Satourne Beta is gonna be out this afternoon (GMT). Stay tuned ...

Monday 8th July, 2002

:: Satourne WIP ... finally! :)
posted at 23:38 GMT by 2fast4u

Yup, we are still alive and here to bring ya the news: Fabien has posted on the Satourne Homepage and told us about what he's been doing:

No, the development of Satourne wasn't cancelled, but my obligations don't leave me much time for the project.
Netherless, I had to work a bit on the weekend and the DSP and SCU is finally finished. Unfortunately the documentation and the processor is really screwed up with errors and it's lacking of description of some instructions. The DSP therefore runs but it's still incorrect, it's disappointing to notice that the Dead or Alive sprites can't be displayed better than before. Netherless I started decoding the unknown opcodes, which are realizeable compared to the others ...

The other part I understand best right now is the color decodig in palette mode and the BIOS is right now identical what we an see on a real Saturn. Nothing really impressive I have to tell you that I was very pleased to see results...

Cheers to Hacktarux for helping me with the translation :)

Thursday 13th June, 2002

:: Satourne WIP
posted at 21:23 GMT by flow``

Ben-J left a note on the Satourne page as to what Fabien has been doing lately. Here's what he had to say:

Voici quelques nouvelles sur le développement de Satourne :

* DSP: désassembleur OK, opcodes OK, reste à écrire le dispatcheur d'opcode.
* SCSP: en attente d'avoir fini le DSP
* Direct Input: je finis une jolie petite boite de dialogue pour configurer les boutons du pad.
* Fichier de config: j'écrit une petite classe C++ en ce moment pour pouvoir enregistrer la configuration de l'ému, ça sera plus pratique que de tout reconfigurer à chaque démarrage!
* VDP2: il rest un bug dans le calcul des couleurs en mode palette. Je pense que ça vient (encore) d'une erreur dans la doc SEGA..Donc je cherche encore. Du coté de RBG0 et RBG1 il me reste à comprendre comment simuler la perspective...En effet le VDP2 ne fait pas de transformation 3D (et oui encore de la "fausse" 3D) mais une déformation en 2D dans le plan puis une contraction/élongation de l'image pour simuler la perspective..

Juste une dernière chose: Virtua Fighter Remix et Virtua Fighter 2 commencent à donner des signes de vie. Virtua Fighter Remix affiche un écran ou il est marqué "prepare for battle" mais j'ai beau m'y préparer après le jeu plante..

Thanks to Teamz and Gents on IRC, I was able to have an English translation as well:

Here's some news from Satourne's dev

DSP: dissassember is OK, opcodes are Ok, I need to write the opcode "dispatcher"
SCSP: I must finish the DSP first
Direct input : I'm finishing a dialog box to configure pad's buttons.It will be more practical than to reconfigure at each start of the emu.
VDP2 : there's still a bug in the palette mode algorithm. I think it's another error from SEGA'S doc. I'm still looking at this. It still have to figure out how to simulate perspective for RBG0 and RBG1. VDP2 doesnt do 3D transformations but instead it stretches the image and uses 2D deformation.

Also, Virtua Figther Remix and Virtua Fighter 2 are starting to show signs of life. Virtua Fighter Remix shows a screen where it says "prepare for battle" but the game hangs just after this screen.

Friday 7th June, 2002

:: MEGADEATH / Giri Giri says Hello!
posted at 19:36 GMT by 2fast4u

Great news from Giri Giri - MEGEDEATH left this little message on Giri Giri's site, and attached some screenshots to it :D. Please take an especially close look at the FPS rate.

I just want to say HELLO!

See the screenshots on the left of our page.

Official site:

Update: Ben-J helped us out with the translation of the japanese text: The hit counter has exceeded 200.000 visitors and his system specs to reach this fps rate was a Pentium 4 with 2 GHz.

Thanks to Ben-J, over and out.

Wednesday 5th June, 2002

:: Satourne Beta Test
posted at 17:29 GMT by 2fast4u

Fabien has once again posted at the Satourne homepage where he wrote this:

Je tenais à remercier toutes les personnes qui ont tapé des mails avec la liste de tous leurs jeux (parfois assez longue..) pour candidater au beta test. A présent j'ai déjà déterminé les personnes qui vont m'aider. Il est donc inutile de me réécrire à ce sujet.

A+ pour d'autres nouvelles.

I would like to thank all the persons that typed e-mails with lists of all their games (which sometimes where quite long) to be a candidate for the beta test. I have already determined the persons who will will help me [as beta testers]. Therefore it is useless to still write me about this subject.

A+ for other news.

:: Re: Words from Fabien
posted at 03:54 GMT by 2fast4u

I finally got online and did my stuff. Here's the translation of Fabien's post:

Hello everybody, it has been a long time since I have expressed myself directly through the site. In fact I must say that I am disappointed ... disappointed about receiving more viruses, ads and insulting e-mails. Thus I decided that the source code will not be made available at all. I know that this will penalize a great part of you who have supported my since the beginning and respect my work, but I have enough of those irresponsible and disrespectful behaviours that some people adopted.
Then for the people who follow and support me since the beginning, all those who measure the quantity of work neccessary to obtain the results that I have today I express a large Thank You for your respect and your intelligence. It is also your interest for this project, which has enabled me to progress a little more every week.

Let's talk a little about advancement now. The DSP opcodes are implemented. What remains to do for me is connecting this with the rest and we will see if the characters in Dead Or Alive will be visible. After 68000 tries with no progress I prefered to entirely rewrite the code of the CD block which works better now. However certain games still crash which I can't explain for now. In regard to a beta version, I will let you know as soon as it's ready. The persons intersted in beta testing can write in the forum and specifically list the games they have. Attention, those who simply want to have fun with the beta version without writing me a little report can save time.

Please correct me if I am wrong with any statements. I did the best I could.

Tuesday 4th June, 2002

:: Words from Fabien
posted at 23:00 GMT by flow``

Fabien has left quite a lengthy update at the Satourne homepage. Unfortunately, my French skills are quite limited so you'll have to wait until my bud 2fast4u gets online to translate it. Anyway, here's what Fabien has to say:

Bonjour tout le monde. Cela fait assez longtemps que je ne me suis pas exprimé directement sur le site. En fait je dois dire que je suis déçu...Déçu de recevoir de plus en plus de virus, de pubs et d'emails insultants au fur et à mesure que je progresse. J'ai donc décidé que le code source ne sera pas mis à la disponibilité des gens lors de la prochaine release...Je sais que cela pénalisera une grande partie d'entre vous qui me soutenez depuis le début et qui respectez mon travail mais j'en ai assez de ces comportements irresponsables, irrespectueux et surtout très laches (c'est si facile de pourrir la boite de réception de quelqu'un de manière anonyme) qu'adoptent certaines personnes....
Alors à tous les gens qui me suivent et qui me soutiennent depuis le début, à tous ceux qui mesurent la quantité de travail nécessaire pour obtenir les résultats que j'ai aujourd'hui, je vous addresse un grand merci pour votre respect et votre intelligence. C'est aussi votre intérêt pour ce projet qui m'a permi de progresser un peu plus chaque semaine.

Parlons maintenant un peu de l'avancement: toutes les opcodes du DSP sont implémentées, il ne me reste plus qu'à l'interfacer avec le reste et on va voir si les persos de Dead or alive s'affichent. Coté 68000 pas de progrès, j'ai préféré réécrire entièrement le code du CD block qui marche mieux à présent. Cependant quelques jeux crashent encore et je ne me l'explique pas pour l'instant.
En ce qui concerne une version beta, dès qu'elle est prête je vous le ferai savoir. Dors et déjà les personnes qui sont interessés par le beta testing peuvent écrire sur le forum en précisant la liste des jeux qu'ils possèdent. Attention, ceux qui veulent simplement s'amuser avec la version beta sans me faire de petit compte-rendu qu'ils s'abstiennent d'écrire, on économisera du temps.

Sunday 2nd June, 2002

:: A little bit of News
posted at 17:32 GMT by 2fast4u

Once again Ben-J has posted a bit of news about Satourne. Here's what he wrote at Satourne's Official Website:

Un petit mot sur le développement :
Satourne peut désormais exécuter n'importe quel jeu depuis le lecteur de CD-ROM (: Que l'on utilise un ISO ou un C.D., Satourne réagit de la même manière!

Satourne va très prochainement rentrer en période de beta test.

In English:

A small word on the development:
Satourne can now execute any game from CD-ROM. Regardless if you use a CD or an ISO it reacts in the same manner.

Satourne will soon re-enter the stage of beta-testing.

:: New Translations
posted at 02:01 GMT by 2fast4u

I finished some German translations for SSF and Satourne (both latest releases) and added them to the page. Plus the translations are now in a separate section.

Friday 31st May, 2002

:: More Satourne Screenshots
posted at 01:36 GMT by 2fast4u

Ben-J was kind enough to send us some screenshots of Satourne's upcoming release. Thx alot Ben-J! :) Looks like 2D GFX is coming along very nicely ...

Click here to view them!

Thursday 30th May, 2002

:: Welcome!
posted at 02:17 GMT by flow``

After long hours of work and searching for facts; 2fast4u and I have decided its time we show the world what we have been working on - a Sega Saturn-only emulation website bringin you the latest and greatest news in the Saturn scene along with help and tips.

Although things are somewhat incomplete, all will be finished in due time since both 2fast4u has just graduated and I am about to move. We plan to start testing our out games once we have the time to do so. We will also be adding many helpful tips for each emulator we plan to support. Hopefully we will be able to add others but right now this is all we have had time to do. Sorry we weren't able to do the Satourne Help/FAQ. We decided it would be best to wait until CD-Rom support since we had problems getting it working properly.

First of all, none of this site would be possible without the hard work of 2fast4u and others listen on the "thanks" page. Also, we need your help by finding a few missing SSF binaries. So feel free to ask questions on the message board and search around the site some! If you feel something should be added or modified, please make a post about and we will do what we can.

Also, the suggested user resolution is 1024x786 or better. Sorry, but until we fix a few things, 800x600 looks horrible.

:: Satourne News
posted at 01:28 GMT by 2fast4u

Ben-J has posted some interesting info on Satourne's status:

Fabien has corrected one last bug in the VDP1 and the CD module (the bug caused that some films were not displayed nicely).
Plus he has finished the ASPI interface and he thinks ... we'll soon be able to play on Satourne direcly from the CD-ROM :) !

Go here for the original post in French.

I think no further comments are neccessary on that :)