Tuesday 12th August, 2003

:: Lots of updates
posted at 14:34 GMT by flow``

Sorry to be so late with news but real life(tm) has been picking up but i've got a little while to kill before work starts so I thought i'd just brief some news thats happened recently..

Satourne ( http://www.satourne.consollection.com/ ) has been updated to v1.0.2P 300703

Satournin ( http://www.saturnin.consollection.com/ ) has been updated to v0.10 and has some STV screenshots from a beta build.

SSF ( http://home.h01.itscom.net/phantasy/ ) saw the relase of Ver0.07 prototype R2.

MiC ( http://ggloader.emulation64.com/ ) has been working recently on his Giri Giri Loader, and is asking for some help with controller support saying "I've started work on configuration of pad in loader, but due to I don't have it, I've got little request - IF YOU GOT WORKING PAD UNDER GiriGiri Saturn PLEAS SEND ME 'user.ini' file that is located in your windows directory in folder 'profilessaturn'. For all replys thanks !!!" You can email him at loader_bugs(at)wp.pl

Gotta run! Thanks to all those still being active and submitting news in the forum. Keep up the good work.

Friday 11th July, 2003

:: SSF Ver0.07 released!
posted at 04:06 GMT by flow``

Grab the update here -> http://home.h01.itscom.net/phantasy/ssf/record/20030710.html

Heres some info from the website (thanks to Babelfish.altavista.com)

Because order of 68000 was mounted almost, Ver0.07 prototype is raised.
However the picture does not come out.
SSF Ver0.07 prototype
Becoming well enough fast, if る expectation... well you insert picture indication, however you think that it falls to about 1/3 times...
As for the software which it operated verified,
Tomorrow 120% limited
Thunder fourth 5
The silhouette mirage (depending upon environment whether it does not move)
Transmission outside ダライアス
The picture being not to come out, just those where CDDA sounds you inspected.

As for next we would like to make around VDP1.
After all, unless there is a graphics, because either operation check is not possible...

Enviroment for software development changed.
From the C/C++ compiler of Microsoft, it modified in the C++ compiler of Intel.
The principal part being to be written in assembly language excessively did not become fast, but
Even then about 10% it became high speed. The Intel compiler fearfully the る should...
It made also the machine itself new.
Ver0.06 XP and affinity is bad, there are times when it fails in the arm and CD access.
At the time of WindowsXP with the property of SSF.exe, please set compatible mode to Windows98/Me.
It is improved a little.

Also from the readme you should note the bios should now be named "BootROM.bin". Theres also a nifty controller configurator but of course games don't run in this release :( If someone would like to give a better translation of the Readme or website that would be very appreciated

Leave any comments on the board, and remember that there is no output in this release so don't ask why games don't work :)

Saturday 14th June, 2003

:: SSF gets a new homepage
posted at 01:34 GMT by flow``

The new SSF homepage address is now here: http://home.h01.itscom.net/phantasy/ as they have left their old host, DreamNet. Time to update your links!

Thursday 5th June, 2003

:: A few updates
posted at 22:54 GMT by flow``

The Giri Giri Loader was updated twice today to v0.7.7.0a.

Also, CKemu updated his compatibility list with to sync with the release of the new Satourne build. You can find the update in this thread and then on this thread in Emutalk, has a little more info for us about the state of the STV dumps. Thanks to CKemu for the update :)