general help & faq

What hardware is recommended to run an emulator?

CPU - Preferably the fastest one you can find ;)
Video Card - Nvidia Geforce family or better.
Sound Card - Since most emulators don't have sound support, none is required; although, if I were to recommend one, it would be a Creative SoundBlaster Live! or better.
RAM - The more the merrier.
CD-ROM – Any ATAPI 8x complaint one should do. Currently SCSI drives aren’t supported. Personally, I am using a Plextor 24x10x40A.

What software is recommended to run an emulator?

1) Microsoft Windows 98SE or newer, although Windows 2000 and Windows XP are recommended.
2) All windows updates should be downloaded and installed, although they might not be required by the emulator. (Start -> Windows Update)
3) DirectX 8.1 should be installed. (
4) Latest drivers, firmware, and BIOS for all of your hardware.