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Low down:

author Shima
e-mail address n/a
homepage http://home.h01.itscom.net/phantasy/
official message board Shima's Messageboard (very dead)


Missing binaries

Miscellaneous Facts:

started in
coded in
cd-rom support Yes
open source No
first playable game/date


Shima's Sega Saturn emulator, SSF, has been around for quite a while now. It has great CD-ROM support once you get it working for your system. Although SSF is not very fast, is seems fairly compatible with about anything you can throw at it. Shima has been quite dedicated to this project although has been having hosting troubles as of lately so SSF's homepage is down. SSF has been getting better and better with every release and recently has partial sound implementation. It is probably the best Saturn emulator to date, having good compatibility, CD-Rom support, and the best speed when compared to other emulators available.