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Low down:

author Fabien Autrel
e-mail address satourne_emu@caramail.com
homepage http://satourne.consollection.com/
official message board http://www.consollection.com/forum/list.php?f=8


Miscellaneous Facts:

started in February 2001
coded in C++
api OpenGL
cd-rom support Yes, plus ISOs can be used
open source Postponed
first playable game/date Daytona USA @ April 27th 2002


From its humble beginnings in early 2001, Fabien Autrel has been working consistently with his Sega Saturn/Sega ST-V emulator. Satourne as he calls it, has been breaking ground lately, running its first game in April 2002, and more and more since then. Fabien's original goal of the project was to play his favorite game, Radiant Silvergun, the Japenese SHMUP (Shoot 'em Up). Today Satourne can play quite a large library of games and especially since the latest beta version the future of Satourne looks amazing.. Fabien's current objectives are to first add compability, then speed-ups and core optimizations to Satourne.